Refusal to raise the national flag! Tamilnadu State Dharmapuri Headmistress Tamilselvi’s action is not only wrong but punishable! The school education department should take immediate action!

Published On: 19 Aug 2022

Refusal to raise the national flag!
Tamilnadu State Dharmapuri Headmistress Tamilselvi’s action is not only wrong but punishable!
lThe school education department should take immediate action!

The people of India celebrated the 75th Independence Day by hoisting the native flag not only in all the government offices but also in their homes across India. Hoisting the national flag and singing the ‘National Anthem’ every day is an important practice that can be had in schools. On many occasions, there is a flag hoisting ceremony at least once a week, although not every day. August 15—Independence Day; On January 26 – Republic Day, local government representatives and the public will participate in programmes held in schools. While Independence Day has been celebrated very well this year by everyone in India, it is shocking that Tamilselvi, the headmaster of Bedarahalli Government School in Dharmapuri district in Tamil Nadu refused to hoist the national flag citing her religious beliefs.

When United India was declared independent on August 15, 1947 after the religious partition, India became a democratic, secular, republican country; At the same time, a person belonging to any religion may have religious beliefs at the internal level, but should not express such beliefs in public. It was also announced that they should be patriotic on this land.

The tricolor national flag of the Indian nation does not represent any particular religion, linguistic or ethnic group. It encompasses 140 crore Indian people and the vast nation of India; The saffron colour above represents the sacrifices and victory of the ancestors who dedicated themselves to the restoration of this nation; Peace and truth must prevail in the midst of whiteness; Green below on the basis that the life of the people of India should prosper forever; The ‘National Flag’ is a symbol of the entire Indian people with a 24-spokes Ashoka Chakra in blue colour on the basis that dharma and justice should flourish.

The Constitution of India does not interfere with the religious beliefs of any Indian citizen. But every citizen must be an Indian; Loyalty to the Indian nation is fundamental. One may have no religion, no language, no caste. But it is impossible to be without national/country identify. If they try to be like that, they may be considered as rootless and orphans.

Based on the constitution of India, taking an important responsibility in the school in the education sector and receiving a salary that can be provided by the government, she said on Independence Day, the day of independence of the Indian nation,’I will not hoist the national flag, the symbol of the Indian nation; “I will not salute it” is not only an insult to the Indian national flag. It is tantamount to insulting 140 crore Indian people. It is also learned that the headmaster has avoided hoisting the national flag in the school for four consecutive years.

India has thousands of multilingual people; It includes different races, languages, and castes. Based on language, race, caste, and religion will every teacher, students, government officials and local government representatives express similar views then what is our national unity and sovereignty?

That the said headmaster belonged to a religious sect called ‘Jehovah’s Witness’; She worships only God; I will worship only that; To say ‘I will not salute the Indian national flag’ is very absurd. Did the headmaster speak in her full sense? Or has she lost her sobriety? It is not known.

Like her, the students who can study in that school have different religious beliefs. They also will not salute any teacher of the school based on their religious beliefs; If they say that they will not salute the said headmistress, will she accept it? Like the head teacher of this school, if caste, religion, race, and politics are reflected in hoisting the national flag in every school and college, won’t they undermine national unity? Her refusal to hoist the national flag on August 15 and her explanation for it is not acceptable at all. If strict action is not taken against the Headmaster of Bedarahalli Government School, this will set a very bad precedent.

Hoisting the national flag and saluting it is a tribute to this nation and its people. There is no place for any theism or atheism. It is the duty and right of every citizen of the Indian nation. Teachers are responsible for instilling patriotism and honouring the sacrifices of ancestors in the hearts of young people in schools. Bedarahalli Headmaster Tamilselvi completely failed in her duties. Her action is like a fence tending a crop. There is no need for the Tamil Nadu government to show her any mercy. She is not only reprehensible, but punishable.

Also, it is not known why the Tamil Nadu government has not taken any action against her even after almost four days of this incident. I urge her to be sacked immediately and prosecuted under the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971.

Dr.K. Krishnasamy, MD,Ex.MLA
Founder & President
Puthiya Tamilagam Party