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Tolpalam public Tamil Community Kurinci, Rotana,, people, knitting, paving the level of the land to be converted into milking tirint varunacirama Vedanta, by caste society. This standstill, stalemate, catiyac society, the world's tragedy.
The Buddha, the Gazette, declared war against Starcraft varunaciramak atrocities; Won. In India, there was some centuries of rule of virtue. Varunaciramam won again; Lost Dhamma.
Land of the parts of the states of Tamil Nadu and arruvatik Aqueduct, tevatanankal and turned to caturvetimankalankal. Kutinikkam residents were working Mallar mannurimaip stripped. Given the level of morality was subordinate valluvakkutikal tiruvalluvar derivatives. Working tamilkkutikal fell into trouble.
Varunaciramam, philosophy, ideology, philosophy and even on the site and we have to face. To supplement this wild, rowdy mob catimuraiyaik protective equipment and acted as henchmen. The result of the last 600 years of oppression that we face.
Beacon to the oppressed, a pioneer in the Tamil nationalist sentiment manamiku the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the nineteenth century Buddhist scholar ayottitacap Tamil iyalai salvaged syringe.

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