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Primary Objectives

  • Tamil Community Solidarity
  • The abolition of caste and religion, the two diseases of the Tamil community, tamilaray merging.
  • TL / maintenance of national and ethnic identity / India Giving voice to the liberation of the other nationalities.
  • Tamil land, water, and environmental preservation.
  • Tamil nilattirkerra relations / human resource development.
  • People's Democracy
  • The reinforcement of simple people
  • Superstitions, pennatimai, palinapeta eradication.
  • Tunaipotal foreign Tamils ​​to life '.
  • Reconstruct the sublime traditions, Scholars accept scientific temporal trends, equity Punta social permaculture
  • Modernism after the basement adopted in accordance with the micro-political trends / issues facing marginalized people.
  • Karuppuina people who live around the world / national communities subject to oppression, participation and other issues.

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